FEBRUARY 21, 2016

Welcome to the Post-App Era

Written by Kirt , in Product

Cyanogen Introduces MOD to Usher in the Post-App Era 

What if you had your own OS? What would happen if you could take your service or a wonderful fragment of it and deeply integrate it into Android in a way that only Google could, in a way that only Apple could on iOS? Imagine if your confines were no longer an app limited to the APIs and SDKs they said were all you needed.

How do THEY even know what YOU need?

Imagine if the whole OS was your playground and the magic spun from other services were your toys. Imagine if they could play together without supervision, spawning previously inconceivable experiences that made this boring rectangle something entirely new: something exciting, intelligent and even thoughtful. Well, my friend, this world is now here. You are no longer a little app.


Introducing MOD - an intelligent and integrated mobile platform. MOD is a game changer because it makes mods possible, which are intelligent, contextually aware, and lightweight experiences built natively into the mobile operating system.

As mods, 3rd party apps that were previously isolated, can now take advantage of platform APIs to implement unique experiences directly into Cyanogen OS. Users can install mods to extend the functionality of their device. Similar to apps, users have control over which mods they choose to install and leverage depending on their unique preferences. However, mods give you a way to make your mobile device uniquely yours that is the next step beyond apps. Mods will change the way that you use your phone.

The MOD platform increases integration points over stock Android that can be utilized to implement unique use cases. Imagine the multitude of possibilities for experiences such as the ability to access your workout playlist with voice-activation, schedule a ride-sharing service from within your calendar, and make a video conference call from your contacts list. The possibilities are boundless, and this is what excites us most. We are eager to see what both developers and users do with the MOD platform.

The MOD platform begins rolling out next month alongside devices running Cyanogen OS 13.0 and greater. Learn more about MOD here.