Dialed In, Turned Up with Enhanced Experiences

We believe core experiences like audio, email, and calling can be better. That’s why we're reimagining the way we use everyday apps and precision-tuning them through the lens of our users.

Hey Cortana, Meet Cyanogen

Introducing Cortana—Your Voice-activated Assistant

From setting reminders and scheduling meetings, to calling and texting friends, Cortana helps you do more with hands-free multitasking. Whether you're glancing at your lock screen or immersed in an app or game, Cortana is at attention as soon as you say "Hey Cortana." Immediately she will go to task.

Amplify Your Music


AudioFX gives you unmatched customization and quality for your music. AudioFX delivers 24-bit High-Res Lossless Audio with bass boost, surround, reverb, and 13 preset configurations.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Never Miss a Moment

Cyanogen Email and Calendar, powered by Boxer, lets you sync multiple email accounts and calendars into one source. Now all your email, meetings, and events appear in one place, so you’ll never miss an appointment or party.

Say Goodbye to Spam Calls

With more than 1.7 billion contacts worldwide, the robust caller ID included in Truecaller Integrated Dialer allows you to identify and block incoming spam right from your heads up notification.

A Truly Smart Screen


LiveDisplay intelligently adjusts your screen based on the light in your enviroment and time of day. In bright sunlight, the contrast and saturation is increased for readability, and at night the screen reduces the stimulating effect of blue light so as to not disrupt your sleeping pattern.

Uncover Your World

Cyanogen Browser

With faster page loads, improved security, and overall better performance, the Cyanogen browser provides a more lightweight and secure experience than leading browsers.