Cyngn Brings Safe & Scalable AV Technology to You

Our AV deployments include everything you need to deliver surefire self-driving capabilities to your organization.

Not only will you tap into the power of autonomous vehicle technology, you’ll also get easy access to fleet management tools and analytics dashboards.

Autonomy for Your Existing Vehicle Fleet


DriveMod is Cyngn’s full-stack autonomous driving solution. It integrates with off-the-shelf sensing and computing hardware to enable industrial vehicles to perceive the world, make decisions, and take action.
DriveMod has been engineered to integrate smoothly into your existing workflows, enabling you to easily program vehicle routes, loops, and missions. In short, if a human driver can do it so can DriveMod.
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DriveMod Is Everything You Need to Bring

Autonomous Vehicle Technology to Your Organization

Autonomous Vehicle Technology to Your Organization


Wide Applicability
Safely bring autonomous capabilities to any commercially available vehicle through a retrofit. Drivemod’s flexibility ensures heterogeneous fleets operate smoothly regardless of vehicle type or manufacturer.
In-Vehicle Intelligence
Over-the-air Updates
Asynchronous Sync
Industry-Aligned API
Multi-Level Safety
Manage, Monitor, and Control

Cyngn Insight

Beyond our autonomous vehicle capabilities, deploying with Cyngn means you'll tap into vast amounts of data, which you can use to optimize all aspects of your operation.
Predictive maintenance, refined resource allocation, and increased throughput are all possible when you use EAS to see the big picture.
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